Ways to Eliminate Arch Pain

Although most people experience arch pain in their feet at times, they usually don’t think much of it. However, if pain in the heel or arch is experienced more than once a week, there’s a chance it could be a more serious condition known as plantar fasciitis. The condition causes pain to the heel and arch.

There are a number of causes for the condition, including excessive weight, high arches, and poor footwear. In order to diagnose if the arch pain is in fact plantar fasciitis, you should visit a podiatrist immediately if you’re experiencing continual pain.

Despite the fact that the condition has a long, confusing name, it’s actually quite common. Many people suffer from the condition every year. As a result, doctors have developed a number of ways to help deal with the condition and eliminate pain to the heel and arch.

Some of the ways to correct the problem are very simple. For example, if poor shoes are the cause of the arch pain, the doctor may simply suggest purchasing a pair of shoes with better support.

However, assuming it’s something more serious, local podiatrists also have various other remedies to eliminate arch pain. One possible method is through the use of heat therapy to heal the injury and reduce the pain. If this doesn’t work, it might be necessary to develop an orthotics insert to go into the sole of shoes to alter the body’s weight distribution to help direct pressure away from the injured areas.

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