Fungal Nail Infections

Recently, we’ve been following with great interest the introduction of new therapies for the treatment of Fungal Nail infections or onychomycosis. Those thick, flaky, discolored nails are in plague proportions, particularly in the over 45’s. As Podiatrists, there’s not a day that goes by without at least one person coming into our clinic with onychomycosis. On some days we may see up to a dozen or so…

Until now, conventional treatments have been at best, hit or miss.

Topical medications such as paints and tinctures, or even the humble Tea Tree oil, have been used for decades to treat this difficult problem. Thing is though, they rarely work, particularly for those hard to get to sub-nail infections. Given that a few of the commonly prescribed topical solutions cost upward of $100, the results we’ve found are disappointing. Some of the superficial fungal infections that present as a chalky, white film on top of the nail, may occasionally be dealt with effectively with these topical agents.

GP prescribed oral antifungals, have a slightly higher efficacy, but at what potential cost? We know these drugs are associated with liver toxicity. Personally I would prefer a funny looking nail to potential damage to such an important organ.

We’re particularly interested in the plethora of therapeutic lasers that have had incredible anecdotal reports of their amazing efficiency. Traditionally, we’ve treated such claims about brilliant new products with a healthy dose of skepticism.

That being said however, we cannot stop being just a little excited at the reports coming from around the globe. Worthy of mention is the before and after photos that some podiatrists have offered up as evidence – I for one hope it’s true! At Preston Podiatry we have recently introduced the Lunula Laser to our clinics and the results have been highly positive. Find out more about the cold laser treatment for toenail fungus with some before and after pics to see the results for yourself.

If you’d like to talk to a podiatrist about treatment options, give us a call on 08 9304 1898.