Heel Spur

Do You Have a Heel Spur? Get Treatment Without Delay

Painful heel spurs can be one of the more distressing podiatric issues that patients face. Often dismissed as normal pain due to prolonged physical activity, the problem is characterised as severe pain emanating from the heel of the foot. Often, this pain is at its worst just after waking up in the morning, which can interfere with a patient’s morning routine.

Though the most common heel spur sufferers are people with flat feet, those suffering from weight issues, and women who regularly wear high heels, they can also be found in just about every corner of the population. Even if someone does not fit the “profile” of someone who has this problem, they should see a podiatrist without delay if they experience severe heel pain that interferes with their ability to stay on their feet.

A podiatric clinic can help anyone who suffers from a heel spur, whether their condition is mild enough that they need only alter their lifestyle in order to resolve the issue or the problem is severe enough that they will need corrective surgery in order to get back to business. Those afflicted with heel pain should keep in mind that heel spurs can get worse over time if not treated properly, which is why it is so important to see a specialist right away. With the proper treatment, heel spurs do not have to become a serious issue, and anybody who is suffering with them can once again feel comfortable standing on their own two feet.