Orthotics Perth

Get the right custom orthotics for you

Most people have heard of the term “podiatrist”. However, many people may have never visited a podiatrist or know about the benefits and services offered when visiting one. Just about everybody will experience some pain in their legs and feet throughout their lifetime. A little pain usually is not a big deal. A long hike, a daily jog, or tripping over the remote control can cause pain in the foot or leg, but it usually is not something to worry about. Those who experience pain in the legs and feet on a regular basis, on the other hand, could benefit significantly by seeing a podiatrist in Perth. The doctor can help work with the patient to develop ways to reduce pain and suffering.

By contacting a podiatrist in Perth, local residents can hope to reduce the amount of pain in their legs and feet through a variety of methods. Our Podiatrists can diagnose and treat a whole range of conditions affecting the lower limb.  We utilise the latest 3D laser scan technology and various imaging modalities to assist our patients and help diagnose the cause of the pain. The pain could be coming from a number of issues, including poor posture, unequal weight displacement, poor biomechanics or many other systemic pathologies.

Our podiatrists can then work to develop  custom orthotic insoles to insert into the shoe while walking and running. These orthotics will change the way force is transferred through the foot and leg to help reduce abnormal stress and pain. Patients can hope to significantly reduce the amount of pain in the legs and feet by visiting a podiatrist at Preston Podiatry.

If you are experiencing any foot or lower leg issues, or just need some new, premium orthotics specifically tailored to your needs, book online on this site or call Preston Podiatry – 08 9304 1898.