Aching Feet

Are Your Aching Feet a Sign of Something Serious?

Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet know that the physical pain of aching feet is only one reason why they are such an inconvenience. When people have a million and one things to do, they do not want to have to stop and rest every five minutes because their heels, arches, or toes are sore and painful.

Many people may not realise that there are other, even worse downsides to aching feet. They can be a sign of something much more serious, such as heel spurs or other disorders of the foot, and if they are not taken care of right away they can lead to serious damage down the line. It is important to resolve foot pain issues as quickly as possible by making an appointment with a skilled podiatrist. This person should have a lot of experience in diagnosing foot pain to determine whether it is being caused by other issues such as fallen arches, hammertoe, or other serious problems which need treatment.

Aching feet can be treated in any number of ways, depending on the cause. Treatment can include the prescribing of special shoes or shoe inserts, exercises that can be demonstrated by the podiatric staff and used regularly from the comfort of one’s own home, and in some cases corrective surgery can be performed to end the problems that cause aching feet permanently. Aching feet do not have to be a persistent problem, and people should not feel as if they have to just “live with it”. Contacting a podiatry clinic can end the problem of aching feet for good.

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