Fungal Laser Toenail Treatment – Perth

Treating Fungal Infection in your Toenail and other Nail Fungus Problems with Laser Treatment in Perth

Fungal infections are common problems found on your toenail and other nails. It affects eight to twelve per cent of adults, and especially those aged over 60 years old. The scientific term for these types of infections is Onychomycosis, although most doctors and podiatrists will simply call it by the common term “nail fungus”. There are many different ways to treat it, depending on the severity of the fungus and your own preferences. If you notice you have an infection, see Preston Podiatry in two Perth locations to discuss treatment options, including treatment with the latest German laser technology.

How Nail Fungal Infections Happen

This type of infection occurs when various fungi, yeasts, moulds or some types of bacteria get into the nails. You can be exposed in public damp areas, like gyms, public showers, swimming pools, and other similar areas. Typically, you can treat the skin infection with anti-fungal agents, but if you have trauma to your feet, then it can often enter into the beds of your nails and cause an infection. Those with compromised immune systems such as the elderly or those with diabetes are at higher risk of developing this type of infection. To prevent it, always dry your feet completely after bathing or exercising and allow your feet to breathe. If you are at risk of developing it, you can see your podiatrist for routine cutting of your nails. If you find you do have a fungal nail,Preston Podiatry can apply laser treatment in two Perth locations to help correct the problem.


Yellowing, thickening, roughness, and crumbling are common symptoms that you have infected nails. You might also notice streaks or marks on the side of the nail, or may experience loss of the nail completely. The colour may vary between brown, yellow, or white. If you notice these changes, you should see a podiatrist right away, as you may need fungal laser toenail treatment. Perth doctors, such as those at Preston Podiatry, may recommend alternative treatments such as medicated nail solutions if it is caught early enough. These infections can be very difficult to treat properly, so you want to be certain you go to the best practice for eradicating these problems so that they do not recur.

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Perth

Since 2013 our podiatrists at Preston Podiatry have utilised fungal toenail laser treatment in Perth because of this technology’s efficiency in treating infections. In this procedure, a laser beam is aimed directly at the problem area in order to kill the fungi and other microbes causing the infection. It tends to have better success than medication and other standard treatments, and the treatment has no ill side effects, unlike many fungal nail medications.

Prevention is the best remedy for keeping your feet healthy from infections and more. You should protect your feet from possible infections, keep them dry, and allow them to breathe. At Preston Podiatry we can diagnose and treat a whole range of foot and lower limb pathologies. We also prescribe premium orthotic inserts, tailored specifically to the individual utilizing the latest 3D laser scanning technology.

Through seeing a great podiatrist regularly, like the experienced podiatrists at Preston Podiatry, you can keep your feet healthy, which will make your whole body happy too! Contact us on 08 9304 1898 to make an appointment.