Heel Pain

How to Eliminate Unwanted Heel Pain

One of the most annoying pains in the world can be heel pain. People are constantly walking, putting the body’s entire weight on two small feet. As a result, they tend to wear down at times and become sore due to all of the work they do. Sometimes, poor posture and shoe selection can help contribute to heel pain too. If you are experiencing pain in the legs and feet more than once or twice a week, a visit to the local podiatrist is highly recommended.

By visiting the podiatrist, one can easily diagnose whether the pain is a result of normal wear and tear, or as a result of something more serious, such as plantar fasciitis. After visiting the doctor, they will perform laser scans to help diagnose any structural damage that has been causing the pain. Oftentimes, the doctor will inform the patient that the problem is something as simple as not cutting the toenails properly.

From there, the doctor is able to educate the patient to correct the mistake so the pain goes away for good. In other cases, more serious actions must be taken. If the doctor determines the pain is a result of poor posture or weight distribution, he or she may order a custom insole to insert in the shoe. This will help change the way the patient stands to more evenly distribute weight and direct it away from the problem area.

By visiting an experienced podiatrist that specialises in heel pain, the first step toward eliminating pain for good has already been taken. Contact Preston Podiatry today on 08 9304 1898.