Heel Spur Treatment Perth

Finding the Best Heel Spur Treatment in Perth

How can a person tell if they have heel spurs or plantar fasciitis? The answer is simple. Those who have heel spurs have likely already felt that deep heel pain first thing in the morning or when first standing up after a period of rest. ┬áSometimes a “pins and needles” sensation may be experienced in the heel of their foot, and they have likely already tried to find answers as to what is causing their pain. The most common heel spur sufferers are people with flat feet, those suffering from weight issues, and women who regularly wear high heels.

If somebody suspects that the sharp, painful sensation in the heel of their foot is a heel spur, they are probably right, and it is time for them to contact a podiatrist who can help them treat the issue as quickly as possible.

Unlike other foot pain issues, which can be alleviated through rest and relaxation, a heel spur may continue to cause pain even when somebody is not on their feet. There are a lot of different methods for treating heel spurs, from simply resting to the use of appropriate footwear, custom made orthotic shoe inserts and in rare cases, the use of surgery to remove the painful calcification from the heel.

Only a trained, experienced podiatrist that offers heel spur treatment is able to tell what the best treatment is, and can guide a patient toward receiving the best possible care for their feet.

When searching for heel spur treatment in Perth, patients should keep in mind how important it is to have a doctor that can orient a treatment plan toward their individual needs. Heel spurs are painful, but with quick treatment, they can be gone in a flash.