Orthotic Inserts – What Do They Do?

What do orthotic inserts really do? To the untrained eye, inserts may do nothing more than providing a little extra arch support for those who need it. However, anybody who has had orthotic inserts in the past knows that they do a lot more than that.

Orthotic inserts work to correct the way that a patient stands, runs, and walks, so that they have a more comfortable stance and gait. Everybody can benefit from having corrective orthotic inserts, whether they are a worker who spends most of the day on their feet or an athlete that is trying to get the most out of their game.

When searching for orthotic inserts, it is important that patients do not settle for second-rate inserts that are not designed specifically for their feet. The best podiatry clinics offer laser scanning of patients’ feet so that an extremely accurate digital “map” of their feet is created. It is this guide that is used to create the shoe inserts, and their extreme accuracy means that there is no room for discomfort in the shoe—patients will experience a pair of inserts that are exactly tailored to the shape of their feet, unlike the inserts that are available in shops.

With a pair of orthotic inserts that are designed to match the shape of a patients feet, they can be sure to live a more comfortable life. Read more about custom made inserts versus off-the-shelf inserts here.

Be sure to call Preston Podiatry for your new orthotic inserts made right here in Perth if you are experiencing foot, knee or leg or even back pain.