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Sometimes foot pain can be traced back to a specific issue, such as a heel spur. However, other times foot aches and pains may be linked to something more subtle, such as irregularities in the way an individual walks, runs and even stands in place. Your pain may relate to one leg being slightly longer than the other, feet rolling inwards or a number of other conditions that cause an uneven gait.  There are many causes of foot pain, and it is important to have the appropriate expert advice to fix problem before it becomes even worse.

Many patients may have tried regular off-the-shelf orthotic insoles and realised they did not work for them. That fact alone might discourage them from trying custom made orthotic insoles provided by an experienced podiatrist. However, it is important to keep in mind that as opposed to the insoles that a person might find in a shop, custom made orthotic insoles at Preston Podiatry made using 3d laser imaging technology, and are designed to perfectly fit a person’s feet to correct problems in their stance and gait.

Patients suffering from foot pain should seriously consider purchasing orthotic insoles.  Preston Podiatry have highly trained, experienced podiatrists in two Perth locations who are more than willing to help patients get the corrective care they need to stand and walk comfortably. Call 08 9304 1898 today!

If you need a podiatrist for custom made orthotic insoles in Perth, we can help.  You should be sure that your insoles that are made especially for you and your feet utilising 3d laser scanning technology. That is the best way to correct problems with your feet and to feel comfortable again.

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