Healthy Feet For Your Kids! Find a Paediatric Podiatrist in Perth, West Perth, Joondalup and Ocean Reef

Paediatric services don’t have to be painful and a good paediatric practitioner shouldn’t be hard to find. With Preston Podiatry, we want to ensure everyone in your family has healthy feet, including your children. If you’re looking for a clinic that provides a wide variety of foot care for all ages, you’ve come to the right place. When you need an empathetic paediatric podiatrist in Perth for your children, we can assist. At Preston Podiatry, we are qualified to treat your entire family for foot ailments and provide services for conditions such as ingrown nails, calluses and even sports injuries.

Our caring staff and paediatric podiatrist in West Perth provides residents of Perth, West Perth, Joondalup and Ocean Reef with a variety of foot treatments and offers comprehensive family foot care. We have worked with children of all ages and we understand the importance of having specalised training in this field. Children’s needs are different and we tailor our services to cater for this, while providing parents the peace of mind that their child is in the hands of a professional.

Do you need a Paediatric Podiatrist in Joondalup, West Perth, Perth and Ocean Reef?

Is your child complaining of sore nails, arches, heels or overall sore legs and feet? Sometimes children are busy playing and don’t realise their growing bodies are in pain. But when your child complains of leg or foot pain, or experiencing issues with walking, it’s time to give us a call. Children grow quickly so it’s important to ensure their feet are healthy and that they’re not wearing shoes that are too small or the wrong shoes for sports. This oversight could result in foot pain or injuries such as heel, leg or hip pain, calluses, ingrown nails or even nail fungus. Our caring clinicians can suggest the appropriate shoes for your child, as well as provide a full foot assessment. When you need a paediatric podiatrist in Ocean Reef or West Perth, come to visit Preston Podiatry.

We treat people of any age and have experience working with children and sports injuries. At Preston Podiatry, we know that children and sport and outdoor activities go hand in hand. We aren’t just doctors who care for feet – we are foot doctors who love sport ourselves. That’s why we take a special interest in sports-related injuries and maintain our goal of getting your child back outside doing what they love – playing.

Paediatric Care for all Ages in Ocean Reef, West Perth, Perth and Joondalup

Our passion for keeping kids safe is a crucial component to your children’s overall foot care. Some of the conditions we can assist with include the prevention of or assistance with the healing of a sports-related injury. Choosing the proper footwear for children is crucial and we can assess your child’s gait to prevent future injuries and even facilitate with modifications to your child sport routine so that they can continue training safely.

Feel free to call us on 08 93006222, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you to get your child examined to ensure they have happy, healthy feet.