Orthotics Joondalup

Take Advantage of a Podiatrist in Joondalup

Are you tired of always having pain in your legs and feet after a long day of work? Like most sane people, you probably answered yes to the previous question. Thankfully there are a number of ways available to help completely eliminate all pain in the legs and feet. By contacting a podiatrist in Joondalup, the first step has already been taken.

Preston Podiatry in the Joondalup area have a reputation of providing quality care at an affordable price. With numerous experienced Podiatrists on staff, there is never a shortage of options for those seeking to eliminate unwanted pain.

Our podiatrists will inquire about all sources of pain and perform tests to officially diagnose the cause.  Imaging tests may be required on occasion to help with this diagnosis. The cure will likely be something simple, such as buying a new pair of shoes that fit better or losing some weight, but in certain cases other treatments may be required.

One thing our Podiatrists can do is design and custom-fit orthotics to insert in your shoes. The orthotics are lightweight and will not cause the shoes to feel tighter. By inserting the orthotic insole, the body’s weight will be better distributed. Uneven weight distribution is one of the biggest causes of foot pain. Most people do not even realise they have an issue with their biomechanics (walking style) that can cause a multitude of problems.

A consultation with of one of our podiatrists in the Joondalup area may help to improve your foot and leg dramatically. Call Preston Podiatry on 08 9304 1898.