Preston Podiatry in Perth Can Help Patients in West Perth, Joondalup and Ocean Reef with Nagging Foot Pain

Foot and leg pain can ruin otherwise great days in anyone’s life. Heel pain can make walking painful. Knee pain can make even sitting uncomfortable. You do not need to live with pain in your lower legs anymore. At Preston Podiatry in West Perth, our highly trained and experienced staff of podiatrists can assess your condition and offer treatment so that you can live a more comfortable and pain-free life. We have the solutions you need to end your foot and leg pain.

Preston Podiatry in Ocean Reef Can Diagnose Your Pain

Patients in the Perth region including Joondalup can visit one of our two clinics in West Perth and Ocean Reef to have their foot and leg ailments assessed. Our podiatrists will use the latest techniques and equipment to figure out why you are experiencing foot and leg pain. We take the time to help our patients completely understand what the source of their pain is and what treatments are available to correct it. Our podiatrists also explain the treatments and how they will eliminate symptoms and prevent any long-term recurrence of the issue.

Patients often have problems associated with the way they walk. An irregular walking pattern can lead to foot, knee and hip pain. Something as simple as orthotics or custom-designed shoe inserts, can be worn by patients to help correct an abnormal gait. At Preston Podiatry, we often prescribe orthotics as a conservative means of addressing a foot or lower limb problem. Our laser scan orthotics are lightweight and durable. They slip in and out of shoes easily and will last roughly three to six years.

The First Podiatrist in Perth to Offer Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a problem that no one wants to talk about. Its appearance is unsightly and toes and feet can become uncomfortable as a result of this condition. As part of our commitment to using the latest technologies in our field, we were the first podiatry clinic in the Perth region to offer laser treatment for toenail fungus. The treatment has no side effects and will promote new nail growth in most cases. Patients will need a minimum of two treatments, possibly more depending upon the severity of their problem. Each treatment lasts about 30 minutes and when complete, patients can go back to wearing socks, shoes and even using nail polish. At Preston Podiatry, we also have a non-UV device that you can use to destroy 99.9 percent of microorganisms to help prevent nail fungus from coming back.

We Treat Athletes!

Preston Podiatry is the Perth area specialist in sports podiatry. We are passionate about sport and committed to helping athletes treat and overcome lower leg and foot injuries and ailments. The most common injuries we see are plantar fasciitis, heel pain and shin splints. We treat athletes of all ages and all skill levels. Whether you are an expert or a weekend sports player, we can provide you with the care you need.

We have late weekday and Saturday appointments available. Call us today on 08 9304 1898 or send us an email at for more information about podiatry in Joondalup. You can also book your appointment online.