Fungal Toenail Treatment

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Do you have unsightly nail fungus?

Are you looking for an effective fungal nail infection treatment in Perth? At Preston Podiatry we offer both fungal toenail and fingernail treatment at our West Perth and Currambine podiatry clinics using the latest in cold laser technology, a painless, fast and highly effective treatment for fungal nail infections.

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**We are also pleased to announce that we have commissioned our second laser.

Preston Podiatry is the first Podiatry clinic offering fungal nail laser treatment in Perth. Check out the brief video below:

There are a number of advantages of using laser treatment over medications:

  • Fungal nail laser treatment has no side effects.
  • Clear nail growth in 80% of cases as published in multiple papers and confirmed clinically.
  • No compliance issues and no home treatments. The patient can forget about the nail laser treatment until follow-up.
  • You can wear nail polish, shoes and socks with no daily regimen.
  • Fungal nail laser treatment takes around 30 minutes.
  • A minimum of 2 laser treatments are required. Further laser treatment may be required with more established infections.
  • No local anaesthetic required.
  • Follow-up in two or three months to assess new nail growth.

Before and After Fungal Nail Laser Treatment

Fungal Nail Infection Before Laser
Fungal Nail Infection After Laser
First Appointment With Laser Treatment
Fungal Nail Laser Treatment After 3 Months
Fungal Nail Laser Treatment After 6 months
 Before Using Laser Nail Therapy Results after 3 months Laser Nail Therapy

What is Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis also known as tinea unguium is a contagious fungal infection of the toe nails that affects about 6-14% of the adult population and is most common after age 60. These fungal infections can occur when one of a number of types of microscopic fungi gain entry (usually through damage or trauma) to the nail, then grow and spread in the warm, moist environment inside socks and shoes.


Changes in the nails appearance: This can include yellowing, thickening, roughness, or crumbling of the nail, streaks or marks down the side of the nail, and occasionally total loss of the nail. Toenail colour can vary from brown to yellow or white. These changes may be superficial or under the nail.


Onychomycosis is caused by fungal organisms such as: dermatophytes, Candida (yeast) and non-dermatophyte moulds. Toenail fungus is often picked up in damp areas such as public gyms, shower and swimming pools as the fungus thrives in warm damp areas.

Factors that may lead to developing onychomycosis include:

  • Trauma that allows the fungus to enter the nail or nail bed
  • Abnormal PH level of the skin.
  • Not drying off the feet completely after bathing or exercise
  • Footwear that does not allow the feet to “breathe”.
  • Diabetics and the elderly have an increased risk of contracting a toenail fungus because their immune system may be compromised. For this reason it is often recommended that they should have their nails cut and callus debrided by a podiatrist.


Fingernail and toenail fungal infections can be very difficult to eradicate. As such, prevention is always better than a cure. If you do develop toenail fungus, call Preston Podiatry. We can take a sample for analysis, reduce or file off as much of the infected nail as possible and recommend what sort of treatment is best for your type of onychomycosis. Medicated nail solutions traditionally prescribed have very low success rates. Oral anti-fungal medications can have side effects, including liver toxicity and also have limited effectiveness. Cold laser treatment is a new therapy with a very high rate of clear nail growth and NO side effects. For fungal nail laser treatment in Perth call Preston Podiatry (08) 9304 1898 or use our enquiry form.


*Avoid Nail Salons that re-use their nail cutting instruments, nail polish or nail files. Instruments should be sterilised using an autoclave and not simply placed in a disinfectant solution.
**If you suspect that you have toenail fungus, it is generally recommended that you see your podiatrist before it spreads to other toes.
***How to prevent fungus coming back? The most common cause of re-infection is from live fungi living in your shoes. We have a non-UV device that destroys 99.9% of micro organisms including fungi and bacteria found in footwear.

Laser Therapy Diagram


Although considered safe for most individuals, laser therapy should not be used in pregnancy, patients with neuropathy in the extremities (loss of sensation), severe sunburn, scleroderma, people who have had skin cancers on the hands or feet or those who have experienced problems with laser therapy in the past.

How long does it take to see improvement?

Healthy new nail growth may be seen in as little as three months. Total regrowth of the entire nail may take 12 to 18 months in severe cases. Smaller nails may take about 9 to 12 months. Infections that are located toward the end of the nail may take only a few months to clear.

Laser Nail Treatment Fees

Lunula Cold Laser

  • Initial Consultation $95 Item No – F004 (first visit only).
  • Cold Laser $189.00 Item No – F476

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Fox Hot Laser

  • Treatment $149 Item No – F476

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