Ingrown Toenail Treatment

Are you suffering from a painful ingrown toenail? In most cases you can get it treated painlessly by an experienced podiatrist. Learn more below or call our clinic to book a consultation.

What are they?

Painful Ingrown Toenail

Toenails help protect our toes, but cause severe pain if they grow into the tissue surrounding the nail. Most commonly the big toe is affected. The tissue around the nail may become hot, red, painful to the touch and sometimes there may be pus present. Gradually the pain becomes worse as the nail grows further into the toe and infection spreads.

What causes them?

  • Poor cutting technique – nails should be cut along the contour of the toe or straight across. Don’t pull at the nails
  • Poorly fitting footwear – tight shoes may lead to pressure on the skin surrounding the nail plate
  • Involuted nails – the nail plate may be excessively curved due to trauma, genetics or a bony growth under the nail
  • Wide or “chubby” toes

Ingrowing Toenail Treatment

Get Ingrown Toenail Treatment

In most cases, ingrowing nails can be treated painlessly by our experienced Podiatrists. Generally speaking, one or two visits are all that is needed to cure this problem. In more difficult cases, we may apply surgical techniques that provide a permanent solution.

**Most patients are pleasantly surprised as to how quickly and painlessly we are able to resolve this condition

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