Tinea / Athletes Foot


What is it?

Athlete’s Foot, also known as tinea pedis, is a skin infection caused by fungi that most commonly affects the space between the toes. These Fungi thrive on the feet because footwear creates a warm,dark, and moist environment that encourages fungal growth. Damp areas around swimming pools, showers, and change rooms are also breeding grounds for fungi.


Athlete’s Foot may cause flaky dry skin, itching, redness, inflammation, and blisters between the toes. Athlete’s Foot can spread to the arches of the feet and to the toenails as well as other parts of the body, which is why timely treatment is so important.


  • Wear footwear – particularly around public swimming pools and in change rooms.
  • Reducing foot perspiration by using talcum powder or foot antiperspirants.
  • Wearing shoes that allow the feet to “breathe”.
  • Wearing cotton or non-synthetic socks that keep your feet dry, change them frequently if you perspire heavily.


There is a wide range of fungicidal treatments available. At Preston Podiatry we can diagnose cases of Tinea and if required utilize pathology services to identify the exact micro-organism involved. Once a diagnosis is made a topical anti-fungal is prescribed and advice regarding it’s correct use is given.