Sever’s Disease

It seems like there is not a day that goes by without a case of Sever’s in our clinic. The number of new cases usually peaks a few weeks into the sporting season, commonly football or soccer. One parent recently mentioned to me that out of the 20 or so boys in his son’s football team, there were six suffering with Sever’s.

Sever’s Disease presents in active children between the ages of 8-15 and is more common in boys than girls. The pain is localised in the bottom of the heel and is worsened with activity. You may notice your child limping or struggling to run and jump without pain under the heel or heels.

Although this is not a “serious” condition, it may inhibit the child’s ability to participate in sporting activity. Sever’s may also linger for many months or recur periodically as activity levels increase.

Fortunately, Severs Disease usually responds well to Podiatric intervention. Once the child has been assessed and all contributing factors have been identified, severs disease treatment is normally quite straightforward and effective.

So, if you have any concern that your child may be suffering with Sever’s Disease, contact us in Perth Western Australia on 08 9304 1898 to get the most effect treatment for severs disease.