Sports Podiatrist Perth

Although there are plenty of doctors in the area who focus on podiatry, it can be a bit more difficult to find an experienced sports podiatrist in Perth. With the amount of stress athletes put on their bodies, it’s no surprise they sustain a lot of injuries throughout their careers. Therefore, it’s important to have an experienced Podiatrist available who specialises in sports-related injuries.

By consulting with one of our Podiatrists at Preston Podiatry, athletes can discuss any pain or discomfort they may be having while competing or training. Due to the high amount of running, athletes can suffer a whole range of injuries including shin splints, knee pain, and heel pain, but there are methods available to treat and correct the problem.

If a problem is detected, our Podiatrists can prescribe custom made orthotic insoles to help correct the athlete’s gait, and strengthening exercises can be recommended. However, it’s also important to see a sports podiatrist before injury strikes. Doctors can help prevent injuries by assessing the way an athlete runs and walks and can make adjustments to avoid unnecessary pressure being placed on one part of the legs and feet. In doing so, the doctor can look at ways to prevent injury and improve lower leg function and efficiency.  We can also advise on the selection of the best sports shoe for you.

The sports podiatrists at Preston Podiatry are experts at diagnosing and treating sports injuries affecting the legs and feet. Don’t wait until injury strikes. Find an expert Podiatrist in Perth today. We have two convenient locations in Currambine and West Perth, call 08 9304 1898.